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Sunday, May 6th, 2007
6:35 pm - Announcement!
For anybody that knows me in real life that reads this, you know who you are:

I'm moving to Melbourne. Bye bye!

I'm leaving middle of next month at the latest, sooo, if anybody wants to catch up with me before I leave, drop me a line :) Can't be bothered throwing a leaving party, because I'm not under the deluded assumption that I'm popular enough for one.

[Edit] Ach, sorry, that was a bit abrupt. I'm on new fun 'happy pills' that let me verbalize without guilt the misanthropic asshole I actually am.

Anyway. I should probably say why, yeah? For the last half-year... maybe longer, I've felt like my life has been so stagnant here in Wellington. I don't want to go back to Uni and get fucked over worse by the idiots that control student loan, I don't want to get a job outside of theater, I barely even want to leave my room. Life is going nowhere fast. I feel that a huge change will give me the kick up the ass that I need to start taking interest in life again.

I'm honesty so excited. I love Melbourne so much; it's a beautiful, unique city that has a wonderful theater industry, and with my CV I know I'll be able to find my place there. I've been brought up like a nomad, shifting cities every two years, and I've just spent way too long in Wellington.

But I'm not staying there forever; 2-3 years at the most, probably. It depends on whether or not I go to Uni over there. At the end of those years, I'll probably either move back to Wellington, or somewhere else. Like London, maybe. But that's years away.

I will desperately miss all of you <3 But there's always planes I can take :P

current mood: busy

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Saturday, February 17th, 2007
11:01 pm - This is going be fairly rambly...
First up, if anybody wants to go read a diatribe on RPing deities wrongly by a pissy Odin-worshiper, do so. It's hilarious. The woman obviously hasn't done any research into their own religion, and claims that 'meeting Odin in a ritual' is solid fact that they can back their point up on. Yeah. 'Meeting Odin' =/= text-book evidence, bucko.

It was so wanky that it was featured on clairvoyantwank here, and my comment (posted under my joint-dream-journal with Qua) is even featured in the 'Other Pagans tell her to GTFO' - specifically, the 'GTFO' link. I am amused.

Well, I haven't been up to much lately. I got my 6th tattoo (yes, it's up to 6 now) touched up yesterday, and holy fuck it hurt worse the second time. Going over scar tissue will do that, and I didn't have anything to eat before hand. I've never passed out getting a tattoo before, but that made me come close. It was awesome. I couldn't hear anything, my vision went out, and I'm sitting there saying "Keep going, just finish the tattoo! It doesn't matter if I pass out!" The guys at Tattoo City are wonderful. They were fretting and asking me if I wanted OJ and to take all the time I need.

I've recently come back from Melbourne, in which I saw Eric Clapton and ended up being far, FAR busier than I thought I was going to be. The flight was delayed by 12 FUCKING HOURS, so I essentially got up at 3am to get on a 4pm flight.

Had the first theater meeting for the new tour yesterday, and it went really well. Also made me realize exactly how much I'm responsible for - I'm literally head of the tech crew, which means that in addition to everything else, I'm also going to be hiring the tech crew, interviewing them, picking directors of light and sound. Which is fairly cool.

Vegetarian rant-wankery which not everyone wants to read.Collapse )

It's my birthday in a week or so, and I intend to spend the whole day locked in my room, alone, getting drunk. I've had shitty birthdays for the last few years. Being alone makes me happy, and so does the duty-free bottle of Jack Daniels that I brought on my way back from Melbourne.

current mood: calm

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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
9:50 pm - Huh.
Okay, so apparently I haven't updated this thing in seven or so weeks. I've had a good excuse for the last four =P

I've just come back from overseas - Bangkok for four days, London for two and a half weeks, and Paris for eight days. I've fallen in love with Bangkok, London was awesome, and Paris was very pretty.

Honestly, if I started going into detail, I'd have to write several pages, and I can't be bothered. So all you that know me in RL can just hear about it in person =P

Needless to say, after a month of power-sight-seeing, I am absolutely exhausted, as well as from jetlag. I need a holiday after the holiday, LOL.

But the new theater production is beginning to get underway, and I'll be meeting with the Director soon to discuss everything. Up until June it's going to be a lot of meetings and planning, casting and designing, and from June rehearsals start, and then the show. Still can't believe I'm fucking Stage/Technical Manager. It's going to be very, very fun.

current mood: tired

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
5:13 pm - "'Unhappy bubbles of anal wind, popping and winking on the mortal bath'?"
That Stage/Technical Manager job is mine, if Bonny (the Director) gets confirmation from the CMP executives.

...I've been working in theatre for less than a year, I shouldn't be getting these kinds of jobs o_O; I guess working hard at what you love, and being nice so everybody loves working with you, really pays off!

Have been watching various seasons of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are my new comedian gods. It amuses me how willing they are to get into drag. What is it about british comedic duos that are just so good? YouTube.com has some of their best sketches, and as I'm bored, I'm going to give things to watch for all of you out there that are bored and want something to occupy themselves.

Poetry sketch, which features the line in my entry title XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpvR5ziHOlM

Clothilda is so the best name for a cat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B38g-tLOTFI&eurl=

Droll, british accents saying naughty things are hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GC1nBut_m0

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Thursday, November 9th, 2006
1:45 pm - XD XD
My night was made yesterday by Bonny (the Director of the CMP theatre show I just finished working on) contacting me to say that she really wanted me back for the next show. Either as Lighting Designer/Director, or fucking STAGE/TECHNICAL MANAGER. I mean, shit, that's like... second in command from the Director. I know she said that I was invaluable and whatnot, but goddamn, that's a pretty good choice. I'm so happy I'm swearing more than usual.

Anyway, because I'm bored (and waiting for the next House episode to be torrented so I can download it)... the name meme.

Are you named after anyone? If so, explain.
I actually don't know. I don't think so; nobody in my family has ever had the name. Ask my mother, she was responsible for picking out my name if I was a girl.

Do you have your children's names picked out already? If so, is there any significance?
*laughs* Christ, if I ever have kids. Which is fairly unlikely, but I suppose things can change. I always liked the name Alexander for a boy. I don't know why, it's just a strong name. It's not one of those stupid new-age names like Sorrow or Nevaeh, just simple and solid. No idea about anything else.

If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name have been?
Robert. I think that's either my father's middle name or my grandfather's name on his side of the family. He got to pick if I was a boy... so, thanks, Dad, you would have cursed me to a lifetime of Bob, Bobby or Robbie.

If you could re-name yourself what name would you pick and why?
I actively go by my nickname Seth, if I ever wanted to change my name, that's what I'd pick. Yeah, it's a guys name, but I like it. Really, I've already changed my own name, most people know me as it. It just feels better than my actual name, and it's fairly close in sound to my birth-name.

Are there any mispronunciations/typos that people do with your name constantly?
I get more of that with my last name - Geeves. I've had Geeveson, Jeeves (P. G. Wodehouse, anyone?), Grieves, Greeves, and Jeeveson. I have no idea where people got the 'r' or the 'son'.

current mood: happy but bored

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
4:53 pm - Laptop, Drinking, and FFX-2
Finally got my laptop back in working order. Hooray, and all that.

Last week I was drunk four nights out of six, which is quite a record for me. No, I didn't do it intentionally =P Though I suppose it's not like anyone forced me to. Monday was Snickers' farewell party, which was very fun, and I worked my way through four double Jack Daniels and four quadruple shot JD's. I love Jack Daniels. Tuesday was a Halloween party - I went as Sekhmet, the egyptian goddess of destruction, though I didn't get blitzed, fortunately. Friday I had more JD to celebrate the getting back of the phone (I'd accidentally left it at Curve on Monday night) and Saturday I again got a little drunk while watching fireworks.

I've moved out of my flat, and into an apartment that I'll probably be staying at for a few months until I find somewhere better.

I've also been playing Final Fantasy X-2. I loved X, and X-2 is... really odd. It's very lighthearted and more than a little silly in places. Class is determined by Dresspheres, a little grid that allows your three characters to change what they're wearing and therefore become a Gunner, Black or White Mage, Warrior, so on. It is clearly just an excuse just to design more character clothes, but it's kinda fun. Still, even though it's quite lighthearted, there are some interesting contrasts - mostly to do with the movies spheres you pick up, one of which starts the whole storyline off, and it's actually fairly disturbing.

Still, I have to return it to the video store in a few days - I don't think I'll miss it.

current mood: hooray laptop!

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Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
9:05 pm - What the fuck is up with my voice? o_O;
A few weekends ago, at the theatre afterparty, I got to talking to the owner of the theatre and his wife. (It had been an incredibly annoying day; and I was thoroughly enjoying sitting at the bar, nursing some Jack Daniels and being alone.) After a few minutes of talking, I was asked where I was from. To my answer that I was raised primarily in the South Island, I recieved, "My god, I could have sworn you were from London!"

Not too amusing, as I get this all the time. Apparantly I use British slang more than I know and enunciate quite well.

But then the owner of the theatre (not having heard this) asked me if I was Scottish. SCOTTISH!

I mean, what? Scottish is such a distinctive accent! I know I roll my 'r's... maybe I do it more when I'm on Jack Daniels, or something.

(*adds 'Scottish' to the list of British, American, South African and Irish*) I apparantly have some kind of bastard accent.

current mood: amused

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5:54 am - Grrr. *kicks*
Well, my laptop has officially gone arse-up, and saying that its hard disk needs to be replaced. Thank gods I can still work (somewhat) in safe mode with net connection, otherwise I would have gone insane by now. Damn internets and your addictiveness.

Anyway, am taking it in to be fixed, so I probably won't be online for a little while - not sure how long.

current mood: annoyed

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
10:01 pm - Stop it, I don't have gay jungle fever!
Judging from the way a lot of people seem to be surprised that I'm actually alive, I'm going to assume one of two things. Either a rumor was spread that I finally killed myself, or I haven't updated here in about a month. I know the latter to be true =P

Once again I have given up Uni in favor of theatre. Working with CMP is taking my weekends and various weekdays for theatre consults and meetings, but it's going really well. We've finished touring, and this Saturday is our final show. I'm pretty sad that I won't be working weekly with this fantastic group of people again, but I'm fairly sure I'll be asked back to work with them again next year.

A month ago (I think) I was promoted to Lighting Director in CMP, which is very, very fun. I'm heading a crew of four lighting techs, including the followspot guys who help me set up the lighting rig. We've got a fairly large rig, and when George was working with us it would usually take from 9am to at least 7pm. With my crew, I've managed to cut that down by four hours. I can't believe the amount of people I've had tell me that that's the most efficient a CMP crew has ever been, heh.

Last Saturday was good; we stayed in a hotel near the theatre, and went for drinks. Spent a good part of the night with Bonnie the director, Nigel the tech manager, and Cath and Mike the head sound techs. The following Saturday night after packout I nursed Jack Daniels the whole night because the theatre we worked in was hands-down the worst theatre I've ever worked in.

So far my favourite venue is the Opera Theatre. Lovely place to work in, and the House Manager is a great guy (who suggested if I ever wanted a job at a theatre, he'd definitely consider me. Whoohoo!)

I've also started work with another theatre company called Faultline Productions, who are bringing me on as a light and sound tech with a very experienced crew. I'm definitely flattered. In the next few years we're going to be looking at building our own theatre, so... let's see how that pans out.

Also, I seem to have a boyfriend. I say 'seem to' because I'm really not feeling it. I don't know if it's him (though he's great; sweet, Scottish, considerate... can be very controlling, though) or just that he's a guy. I'm not used to dating men. But I'm giving it a go. I'm rediscovering various things like my overwhelming need to be alone most of the time, the fact that I can't sleep if someone else is in the bed or touching me, and that I'm really not good at giving compliments or returning them. I really don't know how he puts up with me; but this relationship was his idea. That makes it sound really one-sided... it's not, but I'm beginning to wonder if I've forgotten how to love someone in a relationship, or if I just can't do it anymore. I mean, I know I'm emotionally stunted, but honostly.

current mood: bored

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1:31 am - Snickers + Me + Boredom + MSN
Seth: I have our mom's confused because of that one night I like to refer to as The Electricity Incident
Snickers: Cause it's almost half one, and you know we're about to watch scrubs? =P
Snickers: With the forks?
Snickers: And the hoses?
Seth: ...yeah. I'm not proud of that night. Especially when your mom shouted about Gilbert Gottfried during the 'spork' session.
Snickers: God, I told her not to do that
Seth: Still, you got a great tattoo out of it.
Snickers: It says 'YTMND, FYAD' on my ass. Yeah, real great
Seth: Come on, man. You got it done between texas hold-em (strip version) and the adult kind of dominos. It was great.
Snickers: After what you had to do when you lost.. Jeeze..
Seth: Oh yeah, forgot how traumatised you were by them. Sorry.
Seth: God dammit Snickers!
Seth: I told you, my mother taught me! She got the nickname 50-Can Sally in her younger years!

ETA: (Five minutes later.)

Snickers: [01:42] Tiggs: gawd.. you two are crazy :P
----------[01:42] Snickers: Yes =P
----------[01:42] Tiggs: sure you dont wanna have her babies?
----------[01:42] Snickers: YES XD
Seth: XD XD
Seth: You should have heard Daskar's scream of horror
Snickers: Hahahahah
Snickers: [01:42] Tiggs: yes you are sure? :P
----------[01:43] Snickers: I'm sure I don't wanna have her babies =P
----------[01:43] Snickers: Can you imagine what they would be like?
----------[01:43] Tiggs: *shudder*
----------[01:43] Tiggs: no no no!
----------[01:44] Tiggs: stop :P
----------[01:44] Tiggs: *cling*
Snickers: I think our babies would turn out to be like House =P
Seth: Like a fine combination of Bernard Black, JD, and House
Seth: ...
Snickers: Yes! XD
Seth: dear god.
Seth: drinking, smoking, constantly daydreaming, sarcastic, brilliant babies!
Snickers: ... Let us never speak of this again.

current mood: amused

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Thursday, September 14th, 2006
5:09 pm - Haha, George is threatening me. Again. This time with TEH LAW. Oh noes!
George is getting very, very shitty about getting his tools back. I've tried to explain to him numerous times that the last time I saw one of the multi-tools, it was in the hands of a friend, and I don't know what she did with it. And that I'll get them back to him as soon as I get the multi-tool back.

So what do I get in reply?

Awfully spelled texts about "if u dont get my tools bak 2 me i'm going to call the police and charge u with theft! youv had lots of tym!" (Yeah, George, a week in which I've been busy anyway. He really has to learn that not everybody fits nicely into his little schedule.)

Gods, I knew he had little respect for me, but actually thinking that I'd steal from him? Crazy.

But I've comprimised with him; if I don't get the thing back, I'll just send him the rest of the tools and the amount of money that the multi-tool is worth.

Christ, I really didn't need this. Here I was thinking he was out of my life for good.

current mood: tired

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
3:57 pm - Dear Gods.
Please tell me this isn't where hairstyle fashion is going in the next year.

This definitely deserves the WTF icon.

current mood: horrified

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
10:17 pm - I have the weirdest urge to watch Xena.
If only to drool over Ares (Kevin Smith.) Still, a little weird drooling over Kevin Smith when he was my uncle's best friend. That's kinda like perving on family.

Is Xena even out on DVD?

current mood: content

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8:58 pm - I've been awake for nearing on 36 hours.
I tried to go to sleep last night... well, at 7am... but I couldn't. All I ended up doing was having a half-awake dream for 20 minutes about one of my best friends dying and spending an hour (in... I don't know, unreal-time?) just crying. I've been having a lot of those dreams lately, people I can't stand to lose dying and just spending a long time crying in my dream. It turned out kinda cool, though, with me vowing to find his soul and make sure he was happy, or find out if he was going to stick around on earth and wondering what form his soul would take.

I also watched two Scrubs episodes from Season 5 that made me wibble, a lot, shortly after I failed to sleep. And after that I was wide awake, so I'm pondering this:

I'm tempted to succumb and try to sleep. On the other hand, it'd be cool to test my limits and see how long I can stay awake until I pass out. That'd be funny XD

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Monday, September 11th, 2006
11:16 pm - Fucking YES!
I'm back working for CMP again. George did his last show with them last weekend, so that means I get to go right back onboard. Hopefully he won't show up randomly, because that would be hellishly awkward. He'd probably try kill me on sight, or something.

But yes, I'm back with them. We're doing a show at the Opera House this Saturday, which should be fun. I'm sad I missed the shows at PLT, but oh well. I'm sure we'll work there again for future shows. I'll have help rigging the lighting, and I'll be back on body micing. Wee!

And it also means that I'll get to do the final show - I wasn't going to be able to, because George had set me up doing Punkfest. But I'm so looking forward to working on the final show, now. I love final shows; everybody's so full of energy, and they really put their all into it.

Ah, happiness. This is what's it's truly like to work your dream.

current mood: bouncy

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6:04 pm
I'm on my third cigarette of the day. I've been awake SEVEN HOURS and this is only my third cigarette. I mean... yay, but WTF?

Last night I made the amusing mistake of watching an episode of Scrubs and then an episode of Black Books. And I realised that if Dr. Cox and Bernard Black ever met, they would probably get along frightfully well because they're so similar. They could commiserate over amusing nicknames they call their senstive upbeat assistants, their hatred of their patients/shoppers, the lamentable state of the world and their pessimism over everything in general.

Oooo, I just felt an earthquake. Waiting in amusement for the aftershock.

current mood: amused

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Saturday, September 9th, 2006
1:41 pm - Jesus.
Getting drunk and stoned with Jamie and Darryl, and then going to Blue Note Bar to watch a huge bunch of IRD people drunkenly singing to karaoke is so, so funny.

And besides, gave me a chance to dress up. I got so many compliments on my top-hat. Seriously, every five minutes, "Hey, cool hat, man!" Darryl wore it a good portion of the night and he got the same. Christ, it's just a top-hat o_O;

Got hit on by a pretty asian girl named Latisha, which, yay. Jamie told me that she wanted to meet me, which was... okay, weird. But yes, much hitting on. Unfortunately for her - her hair was either too short, or y'know... she just wasn't all that interesting. Just heard that I was bi, and she was too, and she probably figured that would lead to sex somehow. That line of logic confuses me.

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Thursday, September 7th, 2006
12:08 am - Mmmmm, music-y goodness.
New Dire Straits CD makes me happy. Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler, how can you go wrong?

I'm bored. And I've just written the letters that are going to be given to my parents and quabazaa after my death. Give me something to do, people!

current mood: lazy

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Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
8:06 pm
I'm writing my will in case I die when I go overseas (both my parents and my lawyer are paranoid).

So come on, own up you bastards, who wants what when I die? =P

Edit: I wonder if normal people get as uber-excited as I am to be writing a will?

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12:22 am - Wee, tarot.
Haha, I just did the best tarot reading. Every reading I've done this year has been so negative - this one is a nice change (not to mention the first reading that the Tower hasn't appeared), and I'm beginning to think that the influence of the Tower peaked at its worst and I'm now on the road to the Star.

How has quitting my job affected me emotionally?
Ace of Cups. Brimming with the waters of life, feeling productive and happy. A card of emphasising the emotions, with particular leanings towards the more positive ones.
Damn straight. First time I've felt this good in many months.

How has quitting my job affected my inspiration?
The Sun. Great joy and happiness, recovery from setbacks of the past. A time of prosperity, and a clear perspective of one's life.
In other words - fucking YAY my inspiration is BACK. How I've missed you, sweet, sweet inspiration. If you were tangible, I'd hug you, give you a big sloppy kiss, and maybe dry-hump you if you're agreeable.

How has quitting my job affected my career?
Queen of Swords. The Queen is a keen observer of the ways of humanity and highly-perceptive. Her impressions of others are accurate and detailed. While she seeks to further her own desires, she is capable of resolving differences in others and inspiring them. Her charm and graciousness make her a popular person - she is independant and has the confidence to follow her own beliefs.
I guess this whole fiasco has upped my self-confidence a little, as well as tuning me into the signs of who not to work with in the theatre world. It's also given me a hell of a lot of good contacts in the industry.

How should I be manifesting my creativity at the present time?
The Fool. The beginning of a journey, the root of all creativity - a novice beginning his quest. Untapped inspiration, a creative dreamer. The Fool is a person of imagination and fantasies, one who searches for experience.
Interesting; I'm basically taking it as 'Dig deep into the source of your artistic inspiration and just let it all free, don't hold back.'

Open to differing interpretations =)

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